Fortnite 2v2 (MV League)


Fortnite 2v2 (MV League)

League Champions

Champions to be announced


  1. Schedule: Once the registration has closed you will receive a email of your schedule.
  2. Hosting: Players will add each other from the bracket, and then invite each other for a 2v2 best of 5 kill race. Hosting will switch off between teams each game.
  3. No Show: If a team doesn't show up at scheduled time after 10 minutes they will forfeit the first game, and after 20 minutes they forfeit the league session.
  4. Streaming: One player from each team must stream the gameplay on twitch.
  5. Gameplay: The league session will be a best of 5 kill race. each kill is a point, the team with the most kills at the end of a game wins that match. The first team to win 3 games will win the best of 5.
  6. Game Results: Both teams need to screenshot the results of each game. The winner will send screenshots of each match played once the league session is over.
  7. Tie: In the event of a tie happening at the end of 5 games. The best player from each team will play each other in a tie breaker duo kill race game.
  8. Poor connection: If a player loses connection or lags out of a game then the amount of kills they had will still count towards the end result of that game. The game will not be replayed.